Instruction Manuals

Read the fun manual.

Walt's Jewelers & Setting Instruction Manuals

A good place to start is the instruction manual. Directions are your friends.

Check out the list of watches to the right. If you are still stuck after trying the manual, feel free to stop by and we will be glad to help you.

The easiest way to find the desired Citizen watch instructions is to locate the movement information from either the back of the watch, or from the movement itself (not for the faint of heart), then simply find that movement on this page. The movements are listed on the right or at the end of each listing. If for some reason it is not listed, try the Citizen Watch official setting instructions page.


Instructions are too often overlooked, and undervalued. As such, they are misplaced, thrown away, or otherwise "lost."


Manuals are a wider form of instructions, or should be, which come as a small booklet or perhaps not so small.


Directions are what many people need but do not actively seek. Maybe we could save time by just stopping and asking for directions?