Cash for Gold

"Real gold is not afraid of the melting pot." – Chinese Proverb


Throughout history economies have appeared and disappeared. It is interesting to see how many of these were based on something such as gold. Today's current global economies are based on gold, and many countries base their currencies on the U.S. dollar.

What does this mean for you? If you live near us you are in one of the wealthiest countries in the history of mankind, and with that comes a lot of opportunities. If you want cash, sell your gold to Walt's Jewelers, bring it into our Gilbert, Arizona location and receive the best price possible.

To be clear, when we buy gold we usually provide our Clients with a check, not cash. The phrase, "check for gold" does not read as well as "cash for gold." That would just cause confusion or not be understood. So, for the sake of simplicity, we say, "Cash for Gold," and people understand what we mean. Communication points!

Cash for Gold

Walt's Jewelers has been buying gold for as long as we can remember. We have established ourselves as a trustworthy buyer of gold, silver, diamonds, and other jewelry. Our commitment to integrity and our community lend themselves to us providing you with the best deal.

In-Store Credit

If you may be in the market to purchase jewelry or have a custom piece of jewelry created, rather than sell your old gold, we provide you the opportunity to receive an in-store credit for your old gold at a higher rate than if you were to sell your gold outright. This gives you the best opportunity to maximize your gold.

Investing in Gold

For investment services please visit WJ Gold Precious Metals Investments. WJ Gold PMI is our sibling business which oversees and handles precious metals investments. WJ Gold deals in physical investments of predominantly gold and silver.

A Tradition for Generations

Our Clients are repeat customers who continue to trust Walt's Jewelers for generations. We have Clients who first visited us the year we opened, in 1956! We have several Clients who came to Walt's Jewelers for their engagement and wedding rings, then their children came to us, and their grand children, and it seems the tradition will continue. Visit the most trusted independent Arizona jeweler.