Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona was known as the "Oasis in the Desert."


Chandler, Arizona is a vibrant and growing city located in the southeastern part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. With a population of over 270,000, it is the fourth largest city in Arizona, and it is known for its beautiful desert landscapes, excellent weather, and welcoming community. In this article, we will explore the origin and history of Chandler, as well as some interesting facts about this unique and fascinating city.

Chandler was founded in 1912 by Dr. Alexander John Chandler, a veterinary surgeon from Michigan. Dr. Chandler was attracted to the area because of its fertile soil and abundant water supply, which made it an ideal location for agriculture. He purchased 18,000 acres of land from the federal government and began to develop the area, building an extensive canal system to irrigate the crops. The town was named after Dr. Chandler, and it quickly became known as the "Oasis in the Desert" because of its lush green fields and orchards.

Early Years

In the early years of its development, Chandler was primarily an agricultural community, with cotton, alfalfa, and citrus fruits being the main crops. The town also became a hub for the shipping and processing of these crops, with a large number of packing houses and processing plants being built in the area. As the town grew, other industries began to emerge, including the production of explosives and the development of a military airfield during World War II.


In the 1950s and 1960s, Chandler experienced a period of rapid growth, as the population increased and new neighborhoods were developed. During this time, the city also began to diversify its economy, with the development of high-tech industries such as electronics and aerospace. Today, Chandler is home to a number of major companies, including Intel, Orbital ATK, and Microchip Technology, and it has become a center for innovation and technology in the Southwest.

Of Interest

One interesting fact about Chandler is that it is home to the Chandler Center for the Arts, a state-of-the-art performing arts venue that hosts a wide range of cultural events throughout the year. The center features a 1,500-seat theater, a 350-seat recital hall, and an art gallery, and it is widely recognized as one of the premier cultural institutions in Arizona.

Another interesting fact about Chandler is that it is home to the Tumbleweed Christmas Tree, a unique holiday tradition that dates back to the 1950s. The tree is made entirely of tumbleweeds, which are collected from the surrounding desert and stacked together to form a towering structure. The tree is then decorated with lights and ornaments, and it has become a beloved symbol of the holiday season in Chandler.


Chandler is also known for its excellent parks and outdoor recreational opportunities. The city has over 60 parks and green spaces, including the popular Desert Breeze Park and Veterans Oasis Park. These parks offer a range of amenities, including playgrounds, sports fields, picnic areas, and walking trails, and they provide residents with a variety of ways to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather.

Finally, Chandler is a city that celebrates its cultural diversity, and it has a strong tradition of community involvement and civic engagement. The city hosts a number of cultural festivals and events throughout the year, including the Ostrich Festival, the Chandler International Film Festival, and the Cinco de Mayo Festival. These events showcase the rich cultural heritage of the community and provide opportunities for residents and visitors to come together and celebrate their shared values and traditions.

In conclusion, Chandler, Arizona is a unique and fascinating city with a rich history and a vibrant present. From its origins as an agricultural community to its emergence as a center for innovation and technology, Chandler has a lot to offer both residents and visitors. Whether you are interested in technology, the arts, outdoor recreation, or cultural events, Chandler is a great place to live and visit.

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