Excellent Quality Craftsmanship

Experienced Master Jewelers

For over half a century, Walt's Jewelers has continually raised the bar for high quality craftsmanship. Our Jewelers have a passion for jewelry and perfection.

Best Solutions

Our Sales Executives and Jewelers are creative problem solvers. A lot of what we do requires we take on many new challenges each day and find the best solution that provides the highest quality at the most efficient cost.


Behold the dawn of tomorrow. Jewelry can be more. We meld Jewelry, Passion, Art, Style, and edge into Masterpieces.

Bespoke Jewelry

We have not been sitting by idly. We have been creating family heirlooms since day zero. We are prepared to transport your vision of what you want into a reality. You bring your life experiences to the table, your thoughts, and dreams, all that you are, and we will create your perfect piece of jewelry. Your Masterpiece.

Going Further


Our Clients

Our Clients are intelligent, independent, strong, creative and passionate. Our Clients know and trust their Jeweler.

Kids having fun


We want people with integrity who are looking for challenges to force themselves to grow beyond their existing limits.

Telephone inside a telephone booth

Our Telephone Number

Sometimes you may want to just call someone on the telephone verus text, social media, e-mail, or pigeons. In such a case, we want our phone number to be easy to find.