Jewelry Industry Tools

Free To Use

At Walt's Jewelers we believe in free to use software. We also believe creators, or software/web developers, should be justly compensated for their work. Since we are paying our development team that solves one of these items, and to solve the other we may release free tools to the public every so often. This page provides a list of the currently available tools which you are welcome to use at no charge. Enjoy!

Jewelry Industry Dictionary

This is a work in progress. We will be adding terms to this list from time to time. If there are any words you would like for us to incorporate sooner rather than later, let us know.

Diamond Size Chart

Another work in progress. We will be adding diamond dimensions to this list from time to time.

Table of Properties

This is a rather jewelry industry specific tool which provides an easy method to lookup gemstone Refractive Index numbers for various types of gems. As with the dictionary tool, we will be adding gems to this tool from time to time as well.