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As the world around us shrinks, it expands at a more rapid pace.

Walt's Jewelers & Social Media

All relationships require communication. The quality of the relationship can be gauged by the quality of the communication.

When You are at Walt's Jewelers You feel at home. We are family owned and operated, for three generations (four if we count some of our recent temporary employees ;). We have focused on making Walt's Jewelers a safe and friendly destination. When You walk into Walt's Jewelers You can feel that this place is different, that You are amongst friends.

Join us "on the line" through Your favorite social medium. We can use technology for its intended purpose, to make our lives easier. Follow us on whatever Social Media platforms You use most.


Ello Ello is a peaceful place where we often go to relax. It has a blog feel to it, and the quality of posts tend to have substance.


Instagram Instagram is a visual cornucopia! We wish it were easier to post to Instagram from a computer, but that is sorta the point.


Pinterest Pinterest is a colorful world of ideas. Definitely Pinteresting. We enjoy going through Pinterest for inspiration and fun.


Snapchat Do not blink! Do not even think about blinking! You may miss some of our snappity chat awesomeness!.


YouTube YouTube ... did we not just mention Google's reach? Anyhow, good luck not getting sucked into the YouTube time machine vacuum.


LinkedIn LinkedIn is all about relationships. We like relationships. We would love to connect with You.