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"What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate." – Donald Trump (Trump: Surviving at the Top (1990), p. 3)

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There once was a tiny elf. This elf was not like all the other elfs. This elf had a very high appreciation for beautiful things. Do not be misled, most elves really do not have the gift of a good eye for style and quality. Before we digress too far, back to our story.... This elf was traveling through the forest, on a journey to buy a precious gem. The elf had been told of the many perils an elf might face when seeking to buy a precious gem. The elf also had heard told of a special place, perhaps the only place to find the most amazing gems and other types of shiny treasures, and that any elf who wanted to find "the best" should go to this special place. So, the elf set off on a journey to this special place of wonder. Towards the end of the elf's travels, the elf found a place that looked like the legends the elf had heard, and the elf knocked on the door at the front of the building. Immediately, the great big door opened, and a rush of cool air passed across the elf's warm face. Someone inside welcomed the elf, and said, "Please, come in." The elf smiled, and entered into the building. The building was dimly lit, and did not look like the glorious place the elf had heard mentioned. The door softly closed behind the elf, and for a moment, the elf started to panic. But just as quickly as the elfs tiny little heart had begun to race, the same soothing voice that welcomed the elf inside said, "Don't fret, you are safe here." Then, they said, "What is it you were seeking?" The elf, still looking around the room said, "Where I come from, there are tales and legends of a great special place full of wonders. I have traveled through the forest and to your doorstep, seeking this special place." There was a smile before the voice spoke, a brief pause, then a motion as the lights were brightened, revealing a room full of spectacular objects of beauty! The elf's eyes opened wide and the elf lifted onto it's tiny little elf toes in excitement. The elf had found it's destination! The legends and tales were all true! The voice then spoke, "What special treasure were you seeking today?"