The Perfect Gift

Love is the greatest gift. Next is a Walt's Jewelers Gift Card, to show that love.

The Art of Giving

Giving a Gift starts with observation and listening. It requires you set yourself aside so you can focus on someone else, in order to better understand them as a person and their desires. Well before any actual giving occurs, you must dedicate your most precious resource, time, to another person.

Knowing who someone is, as an individual person, their unique qualities and attributes, allows you to make an effort towards understanding them. In order to understand someone, you must try to see the world from their perspective. The insight gained by knowing and understanding someone places you in a position to bless them where it will be most welcomed and appreciated, perhaps even where it is most needed.

Purchasing Gift Cards

To purchase a Walt's Jewelers, The Perfect Gift, Gift Card, you must visit us at our Gilbert location. We currently do not sell Gift Cards online. Our hours are available on our Contact page.

The Walt's Jewelers Wishlist

Walt's Jewelers offers our Clients the ability to establish their own customized Wishlists for all items which we have available for purchase, or for items we may order or custom design and manufacture. To create your own Walt's Jewelers Wishlist, simply come in and speak with a Sales Executive about how to setup and add items to your Wishlist. You can have multiple Wishlists, if you so desire.

The steps are fairly simple. Here is how it works!

You come in, and go through our entire inventory or just through styles and types of jewelry which strike your fancy, and select items which you would want as your own. We will make note of each item, adding them to your Wishlist. We recommend you add a fair range of items to your Wishlists. Then, let your special someone know that all they have to do is come in and select any of the items on your Wishlist. This allows for one-hundred percent satisfaction for both the gift giver and you, without any guessing. It is also a much quicker process for the gift giver as they walk in, pick from the pre-selected Wishlist, purchase the item(s), we then can gift wrap and properly package the items for presentation, and they can go without having to wonder what you may or may not enjoy. It makes the entire process of giving and receiving a more enjoyable experience from start to finish.